Friday, September 11, 2015

Rain, Cool Weather Light Up the Fishing

Up until yesterday I had been having a poor start to September. For the first nine days I had caught exactly ten fish, and I had put in a lot of effort to get those ten.  That was during that hot, humid weather, tough conditions to catch in.
Things started to change for me yesterday as I got out and landed three good size commons up into the teens.  If things were looking up yesterday, it was out of sight today.  My friend and fellow RI CAGer Nick and I got out this morning.  Together we landed a whopping 20 carp, and they were all decent size (see pics at left and right) running up into the mid to upper teens. We probably lost another five fish on the way in and had several more runners that we missed.  It was simply fabulous fishing for this time of year.
And, everything seemed to be working in the last two days. The carp were caught on sweet corn, maize, boilies, chick peas and artificials. All of these baits were fished ahead of a method ball.  Just everything seemed to work as the carp were on the feed.
This is what happens when the carp turn on in the fall. It can be poor in the hot weather, but get a change, a little rain and cooler weather and it just lights up!

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