Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Typical September Slump

This good size mirror was the
highlight of the day. It was caught
after dark on maize.
I'm in my usual September slump. This happens just about every year, but it seems to be worse this year due to the warm days, the relatively warm nights, the extremely low water and the lack of rain and storminess. In most years September does turn out to be my worst month numbers-wise, and it is following the same pattern this month.
So far in September I have 42 carp.  Most fishermen would think that is pretty good but all the other months this year I have averaged about 75-80 carp a month with several months over 100 fish. It is not for lack of trying. For example, I got out this morning and fished till early afternoon in two good spots.  Got nothing.  Then I went out again this evening. After two hours of trying, I thought I was going to blank until an alarm sounded well after dark.  I got that fish, a mirror of about ten pounds  and shortly after nailed another one. Considering the time I spent fishing today, it was not good.
Note that Kev Wasliewski, one of our best carp fishermen in RI, wrote about this same topic in his Dark Carping Blog. I think we are experiencing the same September slump.
This marginal fishing has prompted me to fish a lot more at saltwater in September.  It's a different story there as the fishing has been excellent.  There have been big numbers of false albacore, big bluefish and lots of stripers. You might want to check out the action on my striper blog.

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