Tuesday, May 9, 2017


This 18 lber., landed this past weekend is my 400th carp
of the year.  It has been a fantastic spring so far.
I have never caught so many carp in the spring as I have this year. I landed my 400th carp of the year this past weekend.  This is the earliest I have ever logged in my 400th so I am off to a personal record start to the year.
For me, this spring's carp fishing has been nothing short of fantastic.  If you fish for these things long enough, you know you can really get on a roll, and you can't seem to do anything wrong.  The spots you pick really produce, the fish seem to be always hitting and the bait choices work out every time.  Well, I am on that kind of a roll.
What's unique about this spring for me is that I am not only getting numbers, but I am also getting good size fish.  In the last couple of weeks I estimate I have gotten at least 50 fish between 15 and 23 lbs., real good size fish for around here. These have all been taken in RI waters.
The only thing missing so far is that real big one of thirty pounds or more.  I am looking for that hog, and I am hoping I find it in the coming weeks.

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