Sunday, May 7, 2017

CAG Big 4 Tournament

Here is one of my entries at 18 1/2 lbs., which was caught
yesterday. I'm looking for bigger!
The Carp Anglers Group (CAG) is running one of their signature tournaments right now.  It is the Spring Big 4.  Many of our RI CAG members have registered for this event and are competing. For the next six weeks (ends June 15), CAG members from all over the US will be trying to catch four large carp.  Your four biggest carp by weight will be your point total. CAG will award some impressive prizes for the top ten finishers.  At this point 40 of the best carp fishermen in the country are taking part in this event.
I've done this tournament just about every year for the last six or seven years and have placed in the top ten every time.  The best I was ever able to place is second place.  My goal every year is to try to get to 100 lbs. (average of 25 lbs. a fish), which is not an easy task.  My other goal is also a top ten finish.
At this early stage of the tournament, I currently have 78 + pounds for my four fish, but that will likely change in the coming weeks.

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