Friday, May 5, 2017

In the Rain.....Best Outing of the Year

This good size common was one of 14 carp landed in today's
torrential rain. Note the combo bait.....maize and a white
pop up artificial corn.
Most of you who frequent this blog know I like to fish in the rain and nasty weather.  I've fished in northeasters, tropical storms and even hurricanes.  But, I can't remember a nasty weather day in which it rained harder than today.  For three to four hours, it absolutely POURED.  But, past history tells me the nastier the weather the better the carp fishing, and today did not disappoint as I had the best day of the year in terms of bigger fish.
I landed a whopping total of 14 carp.  But, here's the catch....ALL of them went 12-19 lbs. There were no small ones.  While I didn't get a real big one, I will say that these were all quality fish that averaged about 16 lbs.  I got 9 of them in late morning and early afternoon, went home and took a supper break, and went back and landed 5 more.
The fish were super aggressive today as they usually are in nasty weather. They would zip off the alarm big time on the hit, and the drag would scream on the fight.  It was real terrific carp fishing and made me forget just how lousy the weather was.
I got all my fish on a combo bait of maize (2 kernels) and a white, pop up artificial corn on the hair, the bait combination that has been so effective in the last couple of years.
So, once again, the nasty weather delivers.

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