Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Targeting Big Fish

My biggest carp this spring is this
28+ lb. mirror. I've landed very good
numbers of carp over 20 lbs.
As I have written in a previous post, I am currently taking part in the national CAG Big 4 Tournament. My goal was to get to 100 lbs. for my total (combined weight of four biggest carp) and I gotten to that today. So, I have been on a quest to catch some big fish in the last three weeks.
In those three weeks, I have landed many fish from 15-28  lbs.  Just today I had a great day with 7 fish from 13-27 lbs.  I had three carp over 20 lbs. today so pretty good with the bigger fish.
One interesting thing about chasing down bigger carp is that you have to target those spots that have them. For instance most ponds and lakes in RI can not support large carp. Many of our RI venues do not even hold a 20 lber.  I have been fishing mostly places in which I could potentially land a 30 or even 40 lb. fish. To hit those some of those well known big fish spots my travels have taken me to waters in MA, CT and RI.
While I have landed numerous 20 lbers. this spring, I have not tangled with a 30 yet.  But, still time as the Big 4 runs until June 15.  In addition, it will be a late spawn this year with the cooler weather extending the big fish possibilities into June.

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