Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Brute Falls for a Chick Pea

I landed the second biggest carp I caught this year, a brute in the mid twenty pound range, that fell for a chick pea (see photos).  This fish was long and hulky with a large head though it was not overly fat.  It had fins under its head that were as big as my hand!
Whew, it has been a heck of a week for big fish for me.  In fact, this was the third good size one that I caught today with the other two being teen size mirrors. For the last week, I have been getting anywhere from 3-5 fish an outing, and they have generally all been big fish from the teens up to that 30 lber. I landed earlier in the week.
Chick peas have been the red hot bait of choice for me this week.  I started using these in sections of the Blackstone River where the use of corn is prohibited due to trout stocking.  I just continued to use them in other places and they have been scoring big time all over.


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