Friday, April 12, 2013

Opening Day Will Open Up a Lot of Carp Water

Opening Day of trout season is finally here.  I'm not celebrating the fact that you can fish for trout; rather, it will open up a lot of carp water that has been closed since March 1.  Here in RI  there are some prime carp waters that are stocked with trout.  Such places as the Blackstone River, Brickyard Pond in Barrington, Lake Tiogue in Coventry and Olney Pond in Lincoln Woods are all top notch carp waters that have been closed.  They'll open up tomorrow. 
If you're thinking about fishing tomorrow in any of the places mentioned above, forget it.  There will be an army of guys and a flotilla of boats and canoes fishing for the stocked trout.  I don't get it.  There's been no one fishing for the last month, and tomorrow there will be a mob scene.   I guess it's one of those RI traditions that once a year fishermen just love to do.  Most of these guys will fish for the first and last time tomorrow.  Hey, it's well known fact that Opening Day and stocked trout sell licenses and that keeps the money flowing into the Division of Fish and Game.  It also provides an economic boom to the bait and tackle shops. In addition, it also gets a lot of people involved, albeit for a short time, in fishing. So, I guess those are good things. 
Give it a few days and the carp spots that are stocked with trout should be devoid of most fishermen. That's when the carp fishing in these spots should perk up.

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  1. That's right. I still go out on opening day and catch trout. Like u said a tradition. I've also come across a new venue! Though I've only fished it a couple of times.