Thursday, April 11, 2013

Multiple Baits Working

The warm weather has just lit up the fishing for me this week.  Daytime action has been very good.  I have been using a number of baits, favorites on my spring hit parade, that have been working well.  Just like in other types of fishing, there is not any one bait that works all the time.  You sometimes have to experiment to find the hot bait.  Here is what has been working well:
1. Doughballs- These are really breadballs made with the white part of a piece of bread.  You roll up a ball the size of a small marble and pack it around a hook or har rig it.  I landed decent numbers of carp one day just freelining doughballs, or using them without a sinker.  I caught some while sight fishing just casting the dougball ahead of cruising fish.
2. Sweetcorn-  This is one of the hottest baits of spring because the pests (turtles, horned pout, bluegills) are still not active enough to take it off.  I have done especially well in some spots using a kernel of regular sweet corn and a kernel of Pescaviva on a hair rig.
3.  Boilie/ Sweetcorn Combo-  This was hot for me last year and is working again this year. I am using a 6mm Mistral pop-up boilie ahead of a kernel of sweet corn on a hair rig.  The boilie adds attraction and provides some lift to the bait, something the carp find very attractive. One day this was the only thing the carp would hit in one spot. Check out the photo.

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