Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steadily Improving

Slowly but steadily the carp fishing is improving.  My last post talked about how the fishing is picking up in multiple spots.  I can also report that I am catching more and more fish, a sign that the springtime feed is starting.  Earlier in the week I got out with fellow RI CAGer Nick.  We had an evening with six carp landed and missed a couple of others.  Not bad.  Today I got out in the afternoon and picked up 5 mirrors and lost another fish. Decent. Carp fishing is surely trending upward.
As for baits, Pescaviva (sold at Wacker Baits) is a hot number.  I am using one kernel of it in combination with something else.  Earlier in the week it worked well along with a kernel of regular sweet corn.  Today it worked well in combination with a 6 mm pop up Mistral boilie.  I also used Pescaviva with a plastic pop up (cut from a plastic worm) earlier in the week, but only seemed to attract suckers which are also becoming more active.
With a warming trend on the way, I suspect this will be a good week for carp fishing. It should continue to improve.

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