Sunday, April 14, 2013

It didn't take long.....

Last week I was out scouting areas of the Blackstone River that were closed to fishing.  I am always looking for new spots to fish in this favorite river of mine.  I came upon a bluff and happened to look down in the water.   Right in front of me I saw a group of at least 25-30 carp just milling around a shallow area.  They were all big fish in the 15 to low 20 lb. range. Of course, this section of the river was closed to fishing!
So, I was itching to get back to that location to give it a try. The whole river opened up with Opening Day on Saturday so I was ready to fish. I did tonight, and it didn't take long to produce. After a short period of time the alarm suddenly screamed as an aggressive taker was off and running.  That fish proved to be a large common of about 20 lbs. (see pic at left).  Bait up and cast out again and within 15 minutes the alarm was screaming again.  This time it was an even larger mirror carp (see pic at right).
Both fish took chick peas fished on the hair rig.  In the past chick peas have proved to be a terrific bait in the Blackstone where the use of corn is prohibited.  I plan to fish chick peas a lot more this year in the Blackstone and in other places. Who knows.....might become my new favorite bait!

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