Thursday, May 2, 2013

100th Carp of the Year

It took a while this year, but yesterday I landed my 100th carp for 2013.  It is the latest I have reached the century mark in the last three years.
The year started off very slow for me with the ice, snow and cold weather of winter and early spring.  Winter fishing was nonexistent as most places were frozen solid.  And, the beginning of March was no better here in northern RI.  While March was slow for me, April fishing lit up, especially in the last three weeks.  I have been concentrating my efforts in and around the Blackstone River and catching mainly mirrors.  Yesterday's 100th fish was part of an 8 fish haul, a real good day in this game of carp fishing.  Fishing has been steady for me with most outings in the last three weeks producing 1-4 fish.  Those days have been mixed in with better days of 7-8 fish.  I am using chick peas for the most part, but sweet corn is also catching in places where it is legal.  Surprisingly, the best times for me have been late morning into early afternoon.


  1. I just came up to your blog today. Amazing number 100 carps in just a few months. Your 30+ carp is a stunning mirror so I a more than impressed. It will take some time to take a view on your blog.

    Greetings from the Netherlands, Michael

  2. Hey Dave, I have gone out carp fishing about 7 or 8 times without success. I have tried different baits on hair rigs like sweet corn, chick peas, boiles and bread balls. I even pre bait with chick peas and corn. I have seen many carp in the area I fish yet not able to hook up with any of them. Any tips or idea?

  3. Couple of ideas...
    Size of hook...should be a #6 or #8 short shank.
    Sinker...Should be an ounce or less.
    Method Ball....use one.
    Bait....Use the stuff you are chumming
    Last suggestion....keep trying. They can be moody, but if you see them, you eventually will catch them.