Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spectacular Day Ends with UNBELIEVABLE Double

If I was a baseball player, yesterday would have been a career day.  As for carp fishing,  it was one of the best days I've had in years,  and it ended with an unbelievable finale.
Here's the story.  I went to one of my "big fish" spots in the morning about 9:30 AM.  The day started off sunny.  It was dead at first and there was not a twitch of the rods for over an hour.  Then, clouds began rolling in, the breeze began blowing, and as the weather worsened I saw carp jump here and there.  Suddenly, the slowness of the day was ended with a screaming run.  I grabbed the rod and landed a good sized 20 lb. mirror.  Within a short time later, I had another runner and a nice 18 lb. mirror hit the shore.  At that point the clouds were really increasing, the wind quickened and it started to rain lightly.  That's when all hell broke loose.  Carp started jumping all around to the right, to the left, way out, in close.  The rods were now banging and twitching almost non- stop. It seemed like every ten minutes or so I'd get a screaming run.  This went on for two hours and I landed 11 carp, four of which were in the twenties (up to 25 lbs.) and 7 of which were in the teens.  They were all mirrors. It would have been a great day if it ended right then.  Just about all of the carp fell for wild peach berry maize combined with a kernel of pineapple whiskey maize (another experimental flavor) fished ahead of a method ball.
An unbelievable ending.... The action seemed to slow and I was almost ready to head home when the wildest event that I ever experienced while carp fishing happened.  Without warning BOTH alarms went off at the EXACT same time.  I grabbed one, turned the reel,  put it in gear, locked it in between my legs and frantically grabbed the other rod. I thought at first I had one fish that crossed the other line, but when I saw two lines heading in opposite directions, I knew I had two fish, and they were big judging by the way they were peeling off line.  The fight looked like a Chinese fire drill from my end, reeling one and gaining some line and then reeling the other. After a lengthy battle,  I did manage to work in both fish close to shore where I got to see them.  Both were BIG, real big.  I managed to slide the smallest one up onto the bank into soft weeds while I netted the larger of the two (see pic of both at bottom).  The sight of these two monsters made me think they could both be (gulp) thirty pounds.  A short time later, I weighed the two fish my certified Reuben Heaton scale.  The smaller one weighed 31 lbs. (pic at left) and the larger one weighed 33 lbs. (pic at right).  It was a magical ending to a phenomenal day!


  1. nice double run of carp. Cannot imagine trying to land two 30 lb carp by myself.