Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today's Twenty

I have been on a roll in the last month catching large carp.  It seems like just about every outing has produced a fish over twenty pounds. Of course I am almost exclusively fishing "big fish waters" and that is contributing to the good numbers of large carp. Today's fish was a large common. I landed it on a new experimental flavor of maize called "salty wild peach berry".  It smelled so good, I almost sampled it!  The bait was made by a famous US baitmaker that sends me samples from time to time to test out.  The stuff really worked today. 
I had two rods out.  One had the peach berry and the other had chick peas.  Besides this big one, I also landed a 14 lber. on the maize.  The chick peas, so hot a month ago, did not get a look today.  Hey, that's typical of carp fishing where the fish will key on one bait for a while and then go off it.

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