Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today's Monster Carp Just Shy of 30 lbs.!

Yikes, I hit the jackpot on this rainy, drizzly morning with a massive common carp that was just shy of 30 lbs.  The hog went 34 inches long and was wide and heavy.  I might also add it gave a terrific fight.
I got the fish on a new experimental flavor of maize called "sweet and salty wild peach berry".  It is not sold anywhere, and I am testing it out for a famous US bait maker.  This bait has been astounding for me in the last several days, catching a lot of fish and some real large ones.  I am using a couple of kernels on a hair rig.  Ahead of it I am using an unflavored oatmeal based method ball that is packed around a 1 ounce camouflaged sinker. 
This is a time to catch some real big fish.  They are on the feed because the waters are warming and they will be spawning soon.  Over the years, I have taken a good number of  30's and even a 40 lber. in the month of May.  For me, it is by far the best month for real big fish here in RI and southern New England.


  1. You're an animal, Dave! Great fish!

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  3. what a catch.. how do carp get so much bigger than other fish??

  4. The growth rates of a carp are largely dependent on two things....genetics (mother big, kids are big) and food supply. In some places in RI they can grow real big, up over 30 lbs. Yet, in other places they might not ever get to 10 lbs.