Friday, May 24, 2013

Simple but Effective....Freelining Doughballs

With  bad weather and the threat of thunderstorms in the last couple of days, I have stayed close to home and close to my car.  I have been fishing some "small" spots nearby and freelining doughballs.  This is really sight fishing where you see a carp swimming along and you toss a doughball a couple of feet in front of it.  It can be very effective, especially in places where they are used to eating bread.
This is very simple carp fishing, but it can result in a lot of fish.  In the last two mornings, I have landed 11 carp, real good numbers of fish, doing this (see pic of fish landed this morning). For freelining I use just one rod and I am always holding it.  On the end of the line, I've got a #6 hook tied directly to the line (no other hardware or sinker).  I then pack a small ball of the white part of a piece of bread around the hook kneading a ball of bait that is the size of a small marble (see photo at right).  Note that pizza dough does not work.  You want to toss this in front of a cruising fish or even fish it on the bottom while holding your rod.  You can increase your chances of catching if you prebait some bread in the area you are fishing.  If you get a hit, the line will peel out.  Set the hook hard since you need to pull the hook through the dough to hook the carp.

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