Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chalk Up Another Double

Today's outing started off with a bang.  I was fishing a spot this morning that I had prebaited with maize last evening.  Within a few minutes of casting both rods out, the alarm goes off on one rod.  While I am playing that fish the second alarm goes off and now it becomes a Chinese Fire Drill trying to get both fish ashore.  Luckily, I landed both since I had been fishing in a place that was full of debris and obstacles. Both fish were mirrors in the 6-8 lb. range. Both were caught on flavored maize.
Fishing has been difficult and limiting in the last week or so.  The extremely high and flooded waters have forced me to fish spots I normally don't fish at this time of year.  In these spots I must wear waders to walk the shore. Most of the places where I normally catch my big fish are not fishable at this time.  So, I continue to hit these smaller spots that are somewhat difficult with all kinds of bushes and trees in the water, but still fishable.  These small places have been producing a steady 2-4 carp per outing  that weight 5-10 lbs. So, I'm not complaining.  But, do hope the water levels drop soon so I can once again start targeting bigger fish.. 

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