Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fabulous Day of Berry Fishing

I hadn't been doing very well fishing mulberries this year.  But, that all changed today.  I decided to hit a number of places today and make a big commitment to fishing berries. Mulberries are at their peak right now and are falling from the trees big time.  I had the right day today with it being cloudy and lousy so I set off to sample at least 8 spots in fairly close proximity that I knew had berries.  While I fished these spots a lot in the past week with marginal success, today was a day that the fish were active and feeding just about everywhere I went. In one location I must have seen at least 15 fish feeding actively under a tree competing to scoop up every berry that was falling.
Using freelined mulberries (no sinker and just a #6 hook), I landed a total of 10 carp and had another 6 on that I lost.  Those are big numbers using any type of bait. Most of these fish were mirrors that went 5-12 lbs., but I had one real big one from the river that was just shy of 20 lbs. In some places they wanted the bait on top.  In other places they wanted a sinking berry (just squeeze the berry slightly to make it sink). Take a look at the pic one of the fish I landed. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera when I landed the big river fish.

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