Friday, June 28, 2013

Just Too Easy

Here's a 10 lb. mirror carp landed today on
a freelined mulberry.
My score for the last two days is 18 carp landed and an additional 8 fish on and lost.  Those are terrific numbers for this time of year. I also had some quality fish in the mix with several fish between 10 and 20 lbs.  The bait that's been scoring is mulberries which I am freelining.
Carp go nuts when feeding on mulberries.  Most of these fish are coming off the spawn, and they are hungry and on a feeding binge.  This morning I found about a dozen fish feeding under a mulberry tree.  These fish were competing for any berry hitting the water.  For the carp fisherman,  it takes just a simple flip of a freelined mulberry.  And, as soon as the bait hits the water the nearest carp hones in on it like a heat seeking missile rushing to grab the offering before any other fish can get to it.  It's just too easy.  Think about go to an online bait store and have pages and pages of various prepared baits, flavored corn, artificial baits, method mixes, etc., and here I am just plucking a berry off a tree for bait and the carp are fighting for it.  Wow, really too easy.

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