Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Start to July

I had all the right conditions today for a big day and the fish did not let me down.  It was cloudy and windy with some rain, ideal conditions to fish for carp.
I started off meeting a couple of friends at one pond.  There, we used flavored maize with a method ball. While things started off slowly, we had a hot hour in which we had four runners and landed three carp (see pic of one).  We left that spot in early afternoon and my friends went home, but on my way home I checked out a mulberry tree in an out of the way spot that I rarely fish.  The fish were just stacked under this tree scooping up mulberries that were being blown into the water by an approaching thunderstorm.  In one short hour I landed 7 more fish from 8-13 lbs. on freelined mulberries. When I got home, my son, Ben, who rarely fishes for carp, wanted to hit a few berry tree spots.  So, off we went.  Ben landed three more fish from 6-10 lbs. but lost a couple of big fish (see photo). 
So, as I've seen so many times this year, the right kind of day often produces big time, and today was the right kind of day. 

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