Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ya Just Never Know.....

In this game of carp fishing, you just never know what is going to happen.  I had been in a bit of a slump, catching a small fish here and there in this heat.  So, I didn't expect much this morning as I set out to a spot I hadn't fished in a while.  I figured I'd get in a shady spot, put the lines out for a couple of hours and hope I got something.  A five pounder would have been ok in my mind considering the weather and the way things had been going.
After about an hour, one Delkim alarm screamed as a fish went on a rampage with my offering.  I grabbed the rod and held on as this fish was a terrific fighter, ripping off drag at a frenzied pace.  I figured I had a real big fish, but when I got it close and netted it, it turned out to be a hard fighting 18 lber.  Ok, I'm more than satisfied with that.
Ten minutes later I get another hit.  This time it is a slow runner.  I grabbed the rod and hooked the fish, but a far different fight followed.  The fish was moving quite slowly just digging the bottom, but it felt heavy.  This goes on for quite a while but I never see the fish until the end as it continues to hug the bottom.  As it does come off the bottom and I get a glimpse of the fish, I realize I have a hog of a fish....maybe 25.... gulp, maybe 30.  I am nervous now as I make several stabs with the net and miss the fish at least three times as it bolts when it gets close to the net.  Finally, I get it.  Once on shore I get a good look at the fish.  Yes, it's big, but not fat.  In fact, it is quite skinny for a carp of this size.  Nevertheless, I weigh it and measure it.  The fish weighs 26 lbs. and change and measures a whopping 36 inches.  Had this fish been fat, we are talking 30-33 lbs. for sure.
I get the rods back out and another fish zings the alarm.  This is a weird fight as the fish is moving fast and darting here and there.  Turns out to be a frisky 5 lber.
So, it's hot fishing today on this ninety degree day, something I didn't expect.  Sorry I have no pictures.  I didn't bring the camera along figuring I would catch nothing. Wow, you just never know what is going to happen in this game of carp fishing.

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