Monday, July 15, 2013

A Slowdown in the Heat

Well, the heat has finally taken its toll.  The water is really warm, weedy and discolored in most places and the carp are in a funk.  It happens when things get really warm.
I am still catching though the numbers and sizes of my fish are way down.  I'm lucky to catch one or two fish per short session these days and the fish in the last ten days have been generally small, going 4-12 lbs. on average. I'm seeing more fish than I am catching since I have seen some fish lazily swim by me or I've seen some whirling on the surface, but their feeding activity seems to be minimal. I know sweet corn would be a better choice in many of the places I am fishing but the turtles and dace have been  so pesty I've had to resort to the more durable, though less effective, maize.  I've tried staying later in the evening and even after dark, but the horned pout are getting into the act and hitting after sunset. So, we are into a summer slowdown.  Still fish around, but the action has slowed considerably, and I don't think it will perk up until this hot weather breaks.

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