Monday, July 22, 2013

Biggie of the Day

I'm on another hot streak in the past week for big fish and have landed a carp over 20 lbs. just about every day.  Today's biggie went 23 lbs.  What was interesting about this big  mirror was that it went a whopping 36 inches long, but the fish was skinny.  At that length it should have been over 30 lbs. if it was an average build.
Flavored maize fished on a hair rig continues to be the hot bait. The hot flavor for me today as well as in the last several days has been scopex.  Scopex has always been one of my favorite summer flavors.  It's difficult to describe....sort of a buttery, nutty flavor that smells real good.  The carp love it.  I have the flavoring and  I make my own flavored maize although this is sold at many online bait  stores.  Today I set out two different baits on my rigs.  One had scopex and one had a fruity flavored maize.  The scopex landed two fish of 10 and 23 lbs.  Yes, it is effective.

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