Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adjustments in Tactics in 90 Degree Heat

Yesterday's big fish was a porker in the teens.
I've adjusted my tactics in the last few days of 90 degree weather and it has really paid off in good numbers of fish as well as big fish.
A double of 10 and 12 pounders  landed
this morning.
Yes, I am still fishing big time in the daylight, but I have adjusted my times.  I'm fishing the coolest times, fishing in the morning and again in the evening.  After dark also works well at this time of year.  The Dark Carper, Kev Wasliewski, reports very good fishing on his blog while fishing after dark in this hot weather. All these times are the coolest times of the day for the fisherman as well as the fish.  I've also changed locations, focusing on fishing deep and moving water, something I only do in the dead of summer.  In the places where I am fishing I am only fishing shaded areas.  That means under trees, along shady banks and under bridges.  Finally, I'm also fishing one bait....maize.  This tougher brand of big corn is generally pest resistant (except for turtles) and catches larger carp with no problem. I'm using maize that has a fruity flavor and I have a method ball packed around my sinker.  Since I am targeting larger carp I am  also using at least three pieces of maize on a longer hair.
The adjustments have led to 2-5 carp per short session, and they have all been decent size, going 10-25 lbs.

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