Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coolness, Rainy Weather Light Up Carp Fishing

I've written about this many times.  Stormy weather just lights up carp fishing. It's happened once again.
The last two days have been cool and rainy with a northeast wind.  That all comes after a miserable heat wave.  That cool weather got the carp active and feeding.  Although fishing was decent in the hot weather, it definitely took a big uptick in the nasty stuff.
I have been fishing different places in the last couple of days.  Sometimes when you move around you discover stuff in new spots that can really open your eyes.  A couple of days ago I fished with my brother Steve in a new location in which we found fish breaking and cooperative (see photo of Steve with decent mirror).  Then, yesterday I fished with my friend and fellow CAGer Nick in the rain in another new location.  We hit the jackpot with 9 good size fish between 15-19 lbs.  The previous evening Nick landed a PB 26 lber. in this same spot.  The fish here were active and busting all over the place and hitting.
The hot bait continues to be maize with the unflavored stuff outfishing the flavored variety. A method ball is a must if you want to catch.


  1. I thought you didn't have any luck yesterday? By the way, I was that guy who recognized you haha.

  2. Matt, no luck when you saw us last night, but I was there earlier in the day and caught them....went home and when I went back, nothing. That's the way carp fishing is....very much an on and off deal.