Monday, July 29, 2013

Only Horned Pout Landed at Fish-in

Members of the RI Carp Anglers Group held a fish-in yesterday evening on the Blackstone River. A fish-in is simply a  gathering of carp fishermen who get together and fish a certain area.  We were fishing a good spot that had been giving up good size carp in recent weeks.  But, not tonight.  There were 6 experienced fishermen that showed up to fish.  Each guy put out two rods with a variety of baits.  In addtion, I had baited the spot up two days in a row.  The total catch was three horned pout or bullhead.  That was it. We did see a few carp jump but they would not hit. It points out three things about carp fishing in RI that many of us know all too well:
1.  Carp are difficult fish to catch.
2. Summertime fishing is very much an on and off deal.  It was off last night.
3. We seem to blank at most fish-ins here in RI regardless of where we fish or when we fish.


  1. Those are pretty decent size compared to what I've been catching over at Turner.. Any good spots that you know of with horned pout or any other cats that you could share with me?

  2. Matt,
    I wish I could put you onto a good spot for horned pout or catfish, but the truth is that they are hard to find these days. In fact, with all the fishing I do in the daytime and even at night, I have only caught 3 horned pout this year. When I was a kid, I used to catch dozens a day in the Blackstone River. These days you are lucky to get one in those same spots. I don't know why the decline, but this seems to be the trend all over.

  3. Yeah, I haven't had luck anywhere other than Turner and occasionally Tiogue. At Turner we usually catch 2-4 each on chicken liver. Never larger than a pound though.

  4. Matt, Spec Lake in Cranston is your spot, I used to slam carp here, but haven't done well lately with all the pollution and weeds, but whenever I do go I usually get at least a half dozen horned pout, they cant get enough of my breadballs..