Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Massive 30 lb. Mirror Landed in RI

Another 30 lb. mirror has been landed in RI waters making this fish  the second thirty pound mirror ever recorded in this state. 
I got out today with my friend Jack and my brother Steve in this ninety degree heat.  We went to a location that has been hot for me this week for large mirror carp. We put out six rods, the legal number three guys are allowed to fish and took turns on the hits.  First fish runs off and Jack manages a 12 lb. mirror.  Next alarm zings off and Steve gets a chunky six pounder that looked like it swallowed a keg.  Next alarm goes off and I get it.  It turns out to be a fiesty 15 lb. mirror. 
Then it happens.  Jack gets the next hit.  The fish was simply a tapper, banging away at the rod tip and pinging the alarm, but not really taking the flavored maize.  Then it ran slowly and Jack sets up on the fish.  The fish was typical of a big one, digging the bottom and not showing. Then, as it gets close to shore the fish hangs up on a snag.  Jack slowly pumps the rod repeatedly, trying desperately to unsnag the large fish which is caught on a branch as well as a log on the bottom.  Suddenly, it comes off the snag and we see the fish.  Yes, it is large, very large.  Jack finally works it close to shore and I grab it with the net.  Holy smokes, this thing is huge as I go to lift it. The thought crosses my mind that this fish could be (yikes) thirty pounds.
I get the scale out and weight it and the scale settles right at thirty pounds.
Jack has just landed the second largest mirror carp ever caught in RI.  It is just 1 lb., 8 oz. shy of the CAG record mirror that I landed last year.  The pic was taken with a wide angle lens which has amplified the size, but believe me when I tell you this fish was HUGE.
It was released after a few pics and still swims in state waters.  Hopefully, I'll meet up with this beast in the future!
Congrats to Jack as he joins an elite club of RI carp fishermen who have landed fish over 30 lbs. here in RI waters.  A great feat and a catch to remember!

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