Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Carp Fishing as Hot as the Weather!

Ben Pickering holds a chunky mirror carp
that hit a freelined mulberry.
This is the best July start I have ever experienced.  The carp in RI are on the feed.  In the last three days I have fished alone as well as with friends in RI waters.  The total score has been 44 carp landed and at least another 8 fish on and lost.  Those are phenomenal numbers for this time of year.
In addition, the fish are hitting a number of baits.  All the fish mentioned above have been landed on such variety as sweet corn, maize, doughballs and mulberries.  I'm also catching fish in a variety of spots.  Once again, the totals mentioned above have been caught in at least 7 different spots.  That shows that carp in RI  are hitting all over the place.  I'm also getting them at all times of the day.  Mornings, evenings and even the middle of the daytime has been producing. The one thing missing in my fantastic July start has been very large fish.  I've gotten nothing over 20 lbs., but I have landed many fish in the teens so no complaints from my end.
I know a lot of fishermen out there have time off from work during this holiday week.  If you are looking to get out fishing, the carp bite is very good right now.  In my mind, it is as good as it gets in July.
This is just one of TWENTY FIVE fish caught by
three guys in a short session two days ago!

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