Thursday, June 20, 2013


The last two weeks have been disappointing in many ways.  The fishing at this time of year should be very good.  IT"S NOT.  In my last six outings I've either gotten one fish, two fish, three fish or blanked.  And, there have been no carp of bragging size.  Biggest has maybe hit 12 lbs., not exactly big in the carp world. Even  the mulberry drop has only been marginal with a few spooky carp feeding under the trees I normally fish.
I'm beginning to think all this very high water (in northern RI especially) is having a big negative affect on the fishing. I'm not even seeing many fish because quite possibly they are in the flooded woods under bushes and trees.  So, I've been moving around in the last  few days, trying spots I don't normally fish in the east and central parts of the state.  The results were marginal.  Yesterday I blanked with only one run that I missed and today I landed two fish of 8 and 10 lbs. (see photo at right).  Those were my only hits.
It is interesting to note that I am not the only one experiencing marginal fishing.  One of RI's most accomplished carp anglers, Kev Wasliewski, reports similar marginal fishing on his blog, Dark Carping.  When he's not catching you just know the fish are not hitting.
So, it can only improve.  I suspect that once water levels return to normal along the Blackstone River fishing will improve in the places I fish. Until then, it will be slugging it out for a fish or two here and there.  That's the way it goes sometimes.

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