Monday, June 17, 2013

Mulberries Dropping/Carp Feeding

Freeline mulberries.  Use a #6 hook.
Mulberries come in white,
pink and purple colors.
Do you know where there's a mulberry tree  along a carp pond? That's a prime place to fish right now.  Mulberries are ripe and dropping and carp are slurping up all they can get.  I checked out several trees today and found some carp feeding under them.
I landed one mid size mirror carp today while fishing after a thunderstorm.  The wind and rain from the storm knocked a load of berries in the water.  I scooped up one of these berries and impaled it with a #6 hook.  Then, I freelined my offering right under the mulberry tree while leaving the bail on my reel open.  Suddenly, the line shot out, I closed the bail, set the hook and I was onto a carp that was ripping line.  A short time later, a scrappy 8 pounder was on the shore.
Freelining mulberries is one of the easiest, yet one of the most effective techniques to catch carp at this time of year.  The berry fishing should continue for the next three weeks.

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