Friday, June 27, 2014

Another Good Day in Lousy Weather

Yesterday's haul totaled 7 carp from 10-18 lbs.
Yesterday was the lousiest day of the week, yet it was the best for fishing.
I got out in the morning cloudy and humid weather and landed 6 carp from 10-18 lbs. using maize. I also had two other fish on and another two runners that dropped the bait. The fish were active as I saw a lot of fish moving around, digging in the mud and jumping.  It was the best mornings of fishing I have had in weeks.  I later went back in the evening and had less success.  I did land one fish at dark while floating bread crust.  There were a few fish feeding on bread pieces and this one fish took the hooked piece.
I have written countless times about how lousy weather can produce real good carp fishing.  Yesterday was just one more example.

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