Thursday, June 5, 2014

Once Again, BIG Day in Lousy Weather

Today's double was a rare
leather (top) and mirror catch.
The fish were 20 and 25 lbs.
Here we go again.  Lousy, rainy, miserable weather.  Terrific fishing.  I've written about this theme over and over again in the last five years.  Well, today was once again another example of how miserable weather just turns on carp, especially big ones.
My day started off slowly.  Two hours of fishing and nothing.  And, then all of a sudden, an alarm goes off.  Nothing special as I landed a 12 lb. mirror.  Got that one unhooked and recast.  Three minutes later another alarm sounds and I am fighting a good fish.  As soon as I get near the net, the other alarm goes off setting up a double.  This is another good fish.  The bigger of the two weighed 25 lbs. and the smaller one weighed 20 lbs.  It was a rare leather/mirror double, the first time that ever happened to me.
Things calmed down for the next hour or so and then the big one hit.  This fish was a terrific fighter and when I saw it whirl on the surface I thought it just might be a 30.  However, once in the net and on the scale this long and skinny fish pulled my Reuben Heaton scale down to exactly 29 lbs., a terrific fish and my second largest of the year.
All of today's fish were taken on a combo bait of sweet corn and a pink pop-up ESP artificial corn, the same combo that has been scoring big fish for me in the last month. This was fished ahead of a method ball.

The big fish of the day turns out to be a long and thin mirror carp
that tipped the scales at exactly 29 lbs.

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