Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scoring in a Slowdown

This is one of 4 mirror carp landed on this hot day
while fishing with maize.
We are in an early summer slowdown.  Fishing is simply not as good as it was back in April and May.  The water is warming, the fish are in a post spawn funk, and they are not feeding as heavily as they were back in the spring.  However, you can still catch in a summer slowdown.  I have been out just about every day in the last week and I have been generally getting one to four fish an outing.  Today I landed 4 mirrors up to 15 lbs.  Not bad in a summer slowdown.
Here are a few tips on how to score when the fishing is slow and the weather is hot:
* Fish the right times.  Best to fish in the coolest hours.  Get out in early morning, evening and nighttime.  Rainy days are also a good bet.
* If fishing in sunlight, try to focus on fishing shady areas.  Carp will seek the comfort of shade on warm days.
* Fish with hard baits such as maize.  The pests will have a field day with sweet corn and you just can't keep it on the hook.
* Try to prebait an area.  That always gets things going whether it's summer or spring.
* Look for hotspots.  Some places fish hotter in summer than others.  It's a matter of fishing and finding those places.
* Moving water (rivers) seem to fish better than stagnant ponds and lakes.  The fish are also more active in moving water.

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