Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mulberry Drop in Full Swing

Mulberries can come
in pink, white, and
purple colors. Carp
just love them!
This fish was landed this morning
on a freelined mulberry.  Use a
small hook like a size #8.
Do you know where there is a mulberry tree along a carp pond or river?  If so, that might just be your best spot to fish right now.  Carp just love mulberries, and they can't get enough of them.  As the berries fall into the water, you can often see the carp's lips just coming up to the surface to suck in every berry they can find. They are on a mulberry feed right now.
Freelining is your best bet to fishing mulberries since you want a delicate presentation.  Tie just a small hook (#8) to the end of your line.  Then impale a ripe mulberry.  Flip it out to where the carp are feeding and watch the line take off. Simple, yet very effective.
I landed my first carp on a mulberry this morning as I got a fish of around ten pounds.  I also had several other big ones on that I lost.  Losing fish is part of the game when fishing mulberries.  Freelined baits just don't offer the same hooking effectiveness as a hair rigged bait.

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