Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In A Summer Slowdown

I know when things are slow because my e-mail is lit up with RI CAG members asking where the fish are hitting.  I wish I knew.  For the first time this year I blanked on two days in a row in the last week.  I went out today to two good spots and got nothing in the morning and landed one small one in the evening.  We are in a summer slowdown that was brought on by those recent warm days.
So, how do you score in a slowdown.  Here are a few approaches that just might get you some carp. Fish the right times.  At this time of year early morning and evening into night are your best times.  Fish with maize.  The pests (turtles, dace and bluegills) are out in force and will pick that sweet corn or doughball apart in an instant.  Prebaiting is always a way to up the odds in your favor.  And, finally, look for mulberry trees.  The mulberry drop is about to begin and that will perk up the fishing greatly along shores that have these trees.  Freelining is your best bet when fishing with mulberries.
And, realize the hot spring fishing of May is a thing of the past. I always lower my expectations in June.  There are not as many fish to be had, the fish get moody and the large females seem to go into hiding. It's just harder to score in June.

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