Monday, June 23, 2014

It just ain't May anymore.....

Suckers (above), dace and
turtles have become active
in this warm weather.

Landed this 8 lb. carp this morning.
It was the only carp caught. 
Here's the best way I can describe recent carp fishing: small fish, less of them and lots of pests.  It's amazing how the abundant larger fish of May disappeared once the warm weather in June set in. And, I'm fishing a lot of the same spots that were super hot a month ago.  In  most places right now the water is low due to the recent lack of rain and it's warming rapidly.  That has the fish quite lethargic by day. This beautiful sunny weather is not helping.
I got out this morning and it was typical of recent outings.   I fished one of my hot May spots.  All I could muster was one eight pound carp that hit maize. That was my only carp run. I also landed a sucker of about 18 inches along with a dace.  I had a lot of pesty fish (turtles, suckers and dace I assume) banging the method ball. I saw no bubble trails or breaking fish.
So, this is June fishing as the summer slowdown begins.  Man, it just ain't May anymore.

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