Wednesday, September 17, 2014

500th Carp of the Year

This carp is number 500 for the year.  It was caught after
dark tonight on maize.
I landed my 500th  carp of the year tonight after dark.  This fish was a mirror of about 6 lbs. that was caught on maize. In the last five years I have been able to average about 650 carp a year.  From the way it's going I should get into the 600's in the next few months.  With a bit of luck, I could even get to 700 fish. In my carp fishing career, there have only been two years in which I have broken the 700 mark.
September thus far has been uneventful.  It's been a fish here and there with very good days yielding 3-4 fish and poor days giving up the blank.  I attribute this mediocre fishing to this beautiful weather we are getting.  I've seen fish cruising around in the daytime, but they are lethargic.  The water is still warm, the ponds, lakes and rivers are very shallow and the weed growth is significant.  Get a little stormy and cold weather, and I would guess the carp fishing will really improve. Hey, it's fall, an inconsistent time of the year for carp fishing.

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