Monday, September 22, 2014

Disappointment at the NEYC

Jerome lands the biggest carp
for MA at 17 lbs.
Don holds the biggest carp for Team CT
at 20 lbs.
Sometimes, no matter what you use for bait or where you fish, the carp are just not interested in feeding.  Such was the case yesterday at the New England Yankee Challenge on the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA.  Seventeen highly skilled anglers fished a venue that was a well known carp producer and only 3 guys hooked and landed fish.  Those three guys landed a grand total of 5 fish.  And, the seventeen guys who fished put in a long 8 hours of trying. We did see fish jumping and lots of bubble trails, but not many biting. So, that is how it goes in carp fishing....sometimes they hit, sometimes they don't.
The CT team ended up winning once again (fifth year in a row).  None of our CAG members from RI landed any fish though Jason DiChristofaro did have a fish on and lost it.
However, we did get to meet a lot of good fishermen and established some good contacts.  I got invites to fish with some of these guys also.  And, some of our members do plan to revisit this spot and try again. So, all was not lost, but still disappointing.

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