Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review of Fox Warrior S Carp Rod

This 18 lb. common was landed
with the Fox Warrior on its first
day out.  The rod will get the job
done with efficiency!
Fox is a name that is associated with quality carp fishing tackle. It is a big tackle company in the UK that makes everything carpy from nets to alarms to shelters to rods. I own a lot of Fox gear and am more than pleased with everything.  So, when I decided to upgrade to new rods I did not hesitate to order a couple of Fox rods.
The rods I purchased from Big Carp Tackle ( ) were Fox Warrior S rods.  These are supposedly entry level rods but there is nothing entry level about them. I bought 3 lb. test curve Warriors in a 12 foot length.  The model I bought had a full cork handle and sold for $129. So far I have caught numerous carp from 10-18 lbs with these rods, and I have really been giving them a workout in the last week or so.  In short, I will tell you that there rods are high performance, have good looks, and are a top value in rods.
Performance- This is a great casting rod.  It has the backbone to cast heavy sinkers loaded with method a good distance. Yet, at the same time the rod has a soft tip with some give that allows you to play a fish and bring it right up into the net with no problem.
Good looks- The rod sports a quality reel seat and quality and durable three footed guides right up to the tip (see photos at left). The rod has an attractive matte black finish.  It is a fairly thin but lightweight blank.
Value-  My guess is you would have to pay double to find comparable value.  The regular rod (no cork) sells for $99 while the cork handle model sells for $129 at Big Carp Tackle.
The final word......HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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