Thursday, November 13, 2014

Best Back to Back Days EVER in November

It was a mix of good size mirrors and
commons today.
The best fish of the day was a big
mirror just shy of 20 lbs.
I was back at it again today focusing on a different spot, and the results were astounding AGAIN.  In a lot of ways this was even a better outing than yesterday.
I landed a total of 17 carp today.  The numbers are only part of the story.  I had bigger fish overall than yesterday with numerous fish from the teens to just shy of 20 lbs.  In addition, I landed a massive wild goldfish, a gorgeous gold specimen that went about 5 lbs., off the charts for this kind of fish.
The fish were super active today.  I switched to maize because dace and suckers kept picking at the sweetcorn.  The carp were right on the maize.  On three different casts, I had carp off and running before I was even able to put my rod on the alarm.  I'm guessing the carp took the bait on the way down or when it immediately hit the bottom. That type of aggressiveness is rare in carp fishing.
My total for 2 days was 37 carp. Those are the best back to back days I have ever experienced in November.  Unbelievable!

The prize of the day was this huge wild goldfish. Note that goldfish have no
barbels and have a straight forward mouth rather than a mouth under its head.

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