Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Phenomenal November Day

Today's haul was
a combination of
mirrors and commons.
This chunky mirror in the teens
was one of the bigger ones landed
I 've been on a roll this November as I have been catching good numbers of carp in just short, two hour sessions while fishing in the morning. I've been mostly fishing saltwater in the afternoon and evenings.  Well, I decided to fish for carp all day today and take a break from my striper fishing. The results were astounding for this time of year in November.
Today I landed 20 carp.  These were a combination of commons and mirrors.  I had nothing real big, but I did have some fish between 10-15 lbs.  Nothing wrong with those fish! All these fish were taken on sweetcorn fished on the hair rig with no method, something I usually do in the cold weather months.
I sense that these fish were charged up from all the warm weather we have been having this week. Maybe they sense the cold is coming, and today was an opportune time to feed.  For whatever the reason, they were hitting big time.  There were many times today I couldn't even keep two lines in the water as I seemed to be always either unhooking a fish or baiting up one of my lines.
Man, this was a November day to remember!

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