Saturday, November 29, 2014

Scoring in Sub Freezing Weather

I landed this good looking mirror
close to dark today in sub
freezing temperatures. Yes,
they are still hitting!
They are still hitting in ice free lakes and ponds.  I got out this afternoon in temperatures that were at or below freezing.  It was so cold that it was impossible to drive the banksticks into the ground on shore because the ground was frozen solid! I had to sink the banksticks into the bottom in the shallow water near shore. Around me were patches of snow that hadn't melted yet.  I'm guessing the water temperatures were in the 30's.
BUT, I still managed to catch a nice mirror close to dark on small kernels of maize fished off the hair rig.  There was nothing sluggish about this fish either, something we usually see in the cold water.  This carp zipped off on the take as if it were a rocket tied to the hook. It also put up a decent fight ripping off drag as it battled away.
From now until the ice comes, the fishing will remain worthwhile though I doubt I'll see the hot and heavy action that I experienced a couple of weeks ago.  Still, if I can get one or two fish an outing I am satisfied. I expect the best fishing will take place during the warmest part of the day which is late afternoon.  Weather warm-ups will also produce better than cool downs. I expect to continue to fish regularly (which is just about every day) until the end of December or when the ice freezes things solid.

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