Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hitting in the Bitter Cold

This good size common
was landed today in sub
freezing weather.
It felt more like fishing in January today than November.  By 2:00 this afternoon my net was frozen solid.  When I left my spot the temperature was only in the upper twenties.  Welcome to winter fishing for carp.
But, the carp were still hitting.  I didn't exactly kill them today, but I did get a couple of hard earned commons.  Yes, carp will hit in the bitter cold in some spots, but don't expect hot and heavy action.  The fish were sluggish on the take today, and they didn't have the same zip in the fight that you find in the warmer months. 
I got my fish today on small kernels of pineapple flavored maize.  I opted for the maize because dace (fall fish) were in the area I was fishing and they like to pick the sweet corn off the hair. Maize is far more durable.

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