Saturday, November 8, 2014

Carp Moving into Winter Locations

This good looking mirror was landed
in one of my winter spots.
It's getting to be that time of the year when carp shift to their wintering over spots. I saw this today as I fished in one of those locations and saw small schools (6-10 carp) moving slowly around in this location.
Carp tend to do this in winter.  They will bunch up for the winter and congregate in one area.  It might be a deep spot in a river or a lake.  It might be a place where the water is just a bit warmer than the rest of the body of water. These places are hard to find and are generally found by experienced carpers who put in a lot of time and effort. I know of only a few such spots, though I am always on the lookout for more,  If you know of a wintering over spot, it can be a place that produces throughout the winter, especially if it is in an ice free location.
Today was a good day for me as I tried one of my winter spots.  I ended up with six mirrors.  They were all landed on small kernels of pineapple flavored maize fished on the hair rig.

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