Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Unusual Double

It looks like a common
but has no barbels.
It is a wild hybrid
Today's unusual double amounted to a goldfish (top) and
a common (bottom),
If you are an experienced carper, you know about the "Double".  This is when both alarms sound at once, followed by chaos as the fisherman tries to reel ashore and battle two fish at the same time.  I've had some crazy doubles in the past.  There was the usual two mirrors or two commons.  Several times I have landed a common and a mirror.  And, one incredible double turned out to be two thirty pound carp.  But, today, I added another strange combination to my history of doubles.  I landed one giant hybrid goldfish along with one common. The goldfish went about 5-6 lbs., a rare large size for a goldfish while the common went about 8 lbs. Just another one for my "Doubles" memories.

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