Friday, December 4, 2015

Frustration with Winter Carp Fishing

This is one of dozens of carp
I have caught in the last few days.
They are hitting but you have to be
in the right spots and fishing the
right methods to score.
Ah, lots of frustration out there regarding winter carp fishing (what we are doing right now).  I will say that most of the frustrated ones who can't seem to catch a fish at this time of year are making rookie mistakes.  They are fishing the same spots that they fished back a month, two months ago.  They've probably discovered the carp are no longer in those spots, and these fishermen are stumped.
Carp tend to move in big groups in the winter to what would be called "winter locations". It's almost like a migration with saltwater fish.  So, where the carp were in the summer and early fall, they are no longer there and have moved.  Finding those spots, especially in big lakes and ponds is very difficult since the fish are also not voraciously feeding at this time.
Many years ago, friend and fellow RI CAGer Kev Wasliewski,  gave me a big tip on a winter spot.  This was a small pond, a place you could really cast across. The carp had no place to go in winter.  You just knew they were there.  It was a matter of finding a bait they would hit.  Sweet corn with no method was the catcher as it is for me today. I caught many from this place in the dead of winter.  So, small places might be a place for frustrated fishermen to start.
I also like moving water, especially "small" moving waters like brooks, streams and small rivers.  Look for a deep, slow moving water in these places. If it comes up to a shallow shelf, all the better.
Finally, go small with the bait for winter carp fishing.  I did a post on this a few posts back that might help you along.
I have about a dozen winter spots where I have caught fish over the years in the months of Dec., Jan., and Feb. I try to keep these secretive because it took a long time to find them, and they are generally small places that can't host a party. For all the frustrated rookies out there, it's time to put in some time and effort and start looking for your winter gems.

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