Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doughballs Scoring Bigger Fish

A fifteen pound mirror sits on the
mat.  Check out the doughball
used to catch the fish. Doughballs
are very effective winter baits
for big carp.
If you agree with the adage that bigger baits catch bigger fish, the winter doughball is for you. I have to agree with this statement after fishing today.  I was in experimentation mode today as I fished one outfit with doughballs and another with sweet corn.  Both caught with about the same consistency but the doughball delivered far larger fish for me today.  Ya, I know that was today and tomorrow could be altogether different.  But, this has happened to me on many occasions in the past.  This is the same thinking that leads many big carp hunters to use boilies over maize in the summertime.
Whether you are fishing for larger fish or any fish, one thing is for certain.  The doughball is a very effective winter bait.  My suggestion...don't leave home without a few and give 'em a try.

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