Friday, December 18, 2015

Doughballs Get the Job Done

Hair rigged doughballs
were the hot bait today.
This large mirror was one of
many that were landed on
doughballs.  They are an effective
winter bait.
I had a decent session today that did not start off all that well.  I began my day using sweet corn, a real hot bait in the last few weeks.  I had one outfit baited on a light mono rig with the corn right on the hook; the other was hair rigged.  But, the corn was just not working today.  There were a few picks and pecks and I landed one small fish, but that was it.  So, I made the change on one outfit to a hair rigged doughball.  That did it as I landed several good fish (up into the teens) before switching the other outfit to a hair rigged doughball also. Then, the fish were coming on both outfits.
I have to say that doughballs are generally my number two bait for winter fishing. Carp are naturally attracted to dough since they see it a lot in places where people feed ducks.  They also like that soft feel/taste of a doughball once it gets wet.
Novices are often confused about just what doughball is. It is the white part of a slice of bread that is kneaded into a small ball.  I like my winter doughballs to be very small, about the size of a small marble. Once I make them, I usually set them out in the sun or on the kitchen counter to harden. I'll make a couple of dozen of them for a short session.  My opinion is that they are just as good or better than an expensive boilie. Their one drawback is that pests will pick them to death in warm water, but in winter there are no pests to be found. I always hair rig by doughballs.
So, today's session proves there is no silver bullet when it comes to bait.  Yes, sweet corn is hot stuff in the winter, but at times it doesn't work. That's carp fishing and something you learn as you gain experience.

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