Tuesday, March 15, 2016

First "20" of the Year

My first 20 lber of the year was landed on this
cold and nasty day.
I am off to a good start in 2016 and creeping toward the one hundred fish total.  However, that big one had eluded me.  I had gotten good numbers of fish in the 6-15 lb. range but no twenties until today.  I got this big common in some nasty, cold, drizzly weather.  Yup, my kind of fishing day. The fish took a combo bait of maize and an orange artificial fished on the hair.  It was all fished ahead of a method ball.
Last week's good fishing in some warm weather has been replaced by fair to poor fishing in the cold and raw weather.  Still, big ones tend to fall in this bad weather, especially if you are targeting them in the daytime as I do.
Spring has come early this year, but spring's best carp fishing is yet to come.  It has to get a lot warmer with more consistent weather to get things hopping.

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