Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Warm Weather Perks Up the Fishing

This good size common was landed tonight right at dark.  The
warm weather of the last few days has perked up the fishing.
I knew this would happen.  Suddenly we get a shot of warm weather, and it perks up the carp fishing.  That's the spring pattern. I got out last evening and again today and got good numbers of fish.  While I haven't gotten anything large, I am getting lots of fish upwards to ten pounds.  The hot bait has been sweet corn fished on the hair rig.  With pests still in the dormant stage, sweet corn is the hot bait of early spring.
March has always been a difficult month for me. Most of my bigger fish (20-35 lbs.) have come in April and May in past years. My problem in March is that I am not totally committed to carp fishing since I am still skiing and doing more of that than fishing. And, this is the type of fishing that you have to be totally committed to be successful. A guy who is committed is RI's Dark Carper, Kev Wasliewski.  Already he is reporting some big catches of fish in the twenties from his blog. So, the larger fish are available, but you have to put in considerable time and energy in the right spots to get them in March.

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